Strangely Familiar

How often I look around

Or stop and let it sink in

My place here is assured

Even as the shelves in my room sit empty.

Just floating from one project to the next, but never the project of my own space.

I often find that I was lost before

So often looking around in confusion.

The familiarity of this house where I have only spent a month is strange.

When I find that my memory blanks

Having no recollection of where I am

Even as I view all of our belongings scattered about

Reality is stark, but it does not claw the way it used to

Especially when I hear the sounds coming from all around

The acoustics in this building are amazing.

Taking in the crisp feel of the night air

How the wind blows unfettered

Each moment so very different from the city

Where I grew up and a 7-11 was just a ten-minute walk away.

How quickly I have fallen in love with the land

Each morning painting a picture across the valley

And it is a valley, though smaller than the old

Real in all its emptiness

Though life is there to behold.

This cold desert is not bereft of life; it teems with it, overflows.

I look around and realize that I can never be lost here

So with a small smile, I step out into the light of day.

For the first time in forever, the sun doesn’t burn.


2 thoughts on “Strangely Familiar

  1. There’s some terrific imagery here. – How the wind blows unfettered – is a particularly powerful line. I love everything about this poem. The sense of spaciousness and of being at home in the desert speaks to my soul.

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