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He Just Wanted To Help

He hadn’t set out to find someone else, had never entertained the thought. It just sort of…happened. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his wife. He did, he’d have never married her if he hadn’t as he wasn’t the type … Continue reading

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Flirty Floor

So the ground is flirting with you Perhaps a little too much? It really shouldn’t be such a cheeky thing! Not going to turn down its invitation to lunch.   A little too dizzy today?

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Looking Back…

Sometimes she looked back at her past and wondered at herself. “I shouldn’t have jumped out of so many trees.” she’d grumble when her back ached. “Maybe learning to eat strawberries with barbecue sauce wasn’t the wisest food to become … Continue reading

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Mistress Mary

Mistress Mary was not contrary Nor was she quite so ordinary Nor did she have a little lamb Mary, you see, was quite the ham, For yestereve, When time was about to leave She returned to home For all day … Continue reading

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Wretched Ecstasy

How do you continue to work when the one you love is forever out of your reach? It was a normal day. The sun was up, the sky was clear of cloud cover, though there was supposed to be a … Continue reading

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Pain Killer – Thankful Thursday

I am grateful for Ibuprofen. That stuff is more useful than I remember. Also, still don’t know how I threw my back out, though it’s getting better. Because rest. And Ibuprofen. Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link … Continue reading

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Gourmet – One-Liner Wednesday

Please don’t eat the lilacs! Me, talking to our goats on the second full day that we had them. Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday. (I will update the link when able.) EDIT: Link updated as of July 18, 2015.

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