Goats, Man

So…we got goats.

We had a space cleared in the garage cum barn ‘just in case’ something opened up, but we didn’t really expect anything to happen.

And then we got goats.

Julia called me up one day, middle of the day and asked me if I had checked the mail. We’d been waiting for a return from the deposit from the duplex and when I walked over to the post office (that’s on the next street over) and checked it had finally come. When I called Julia back and told her, asking why she’d called so randomly about it her reply surprised me.

“There’s an ad on KSL for goats.”

The deposit money was enough to get two of them, but the family (who are wonderful people) were moving out of state and unable to take their three goats and we were the only ones who’d called (I think, I don’t actually know if anyone else had called, but there must have been a reason) and so they offered the last goat, a buck, for half of the original price.

So now we have three goats, a buck and two does.

I have no idea what I’m doing, people.


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