They say that home is where the heart is.

As far as she’s concerned that sounds like a complete load of-


It’s the truth.

Even when they wandered underneath the cold and impersonal light of day on a planet so far from their place of creation they had been home because they had been together and had an actual purpose. Not that they had both been together and away from their solar system at the same time often. Not once the Royal Children had been born, at least.

Comet had always been really good with the smallest of children while she, Star, had been a lot better with children that were five and older. Comet liked to tease that it was because Star was young at heart (and in her mind) but not quite at the completely-needing-someone-to-take-care-of-every-little-thing stage like most toddlers and under were. Star didn’t bother retaliating that Comet was better with the smaller children because both sisters knew that it had been Comet’s desire to have children of her own for well over a millennia.

So now that her sister is gone.

Not dead, because there was this really annoying (wonderfulpainfulnecessary) thing where those in their ‘line of work’ were able to come back (somehow) from death.

No she was just gone.

And never coming back.

So Star would never be home again no matter how hard she worked, how long she lived or what her purpose was.

Star was homeless.

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