Painted Interlude

Going ‘round in circles was ever so much fun! She didn’t understand just why no one else seemed to agree with her, but then again the others always looked so pinched whenever she saw them.

Especially the one with blonde hair, her skin was naturally rather tanned but each time that the blonde came for a visit she looked progressively paler than the time before.

“I do hope that she hasn’t been ill.” She murmured to herself absently as she mixed another couple of finger paints.


Don’t Just Reach Out, Reach Back

There is nothing more painful than being alone.

You can be alone even when completely surrounded by others.

Case in point:

The halls were overflowing with the teenage and preteen humanity that is within a mid-valley junior high school. Students on the phone, reading books as they dodge other students, leaning up against lockers or running after departing friends to retrieve their jokingly stolen homework. You’re walking through the halls, head down and long hair draped over your face, hoping to avoid being noticed by anyone and anything. It’s only the second month of school, but you’re already decided that you greatly miss the elementary school that you’d hated and couldn’t wait to get out of. In elementary school the bullies didn’t shove you up against lockers every time you passed them in the halls, which happened something like ten times a day, sometimes more.

You hate it here and the only person that you know is an older sibling who you don’t really spend time with at all and don’t pass in the halls. Your classes are on the opposite sides of the schools, you never pass each other except when getting dropped off or picked up for school.

Today it changes.

Today something different happens.

Today someone, you don’t really know who she is at first, that comes later, she walks by you in the hall and smiles and says hi. You’re not sure why or what to do, so you just walk on.

Every time she sees you she does the same thing.

You start to see her more than you do the bullies and you notice that when they see her interacting with you that they’re less likely to do anything to you, so you start answering back.

You still hide behind your hair, but you don’t walk as quickly through the halls and for the first time, you’re glad that you have classes in these halls because she does too and you might have never met her if not for passing each other something like ten times a day.

Who knows what would have happened otherwise, because bullies are everywhere and in every hall, but how many halls have someone who, without even knowing it, reach out a hand with a smile and mean it.

You don’t know that she needs your returned smiles just as much. You don’t know that she was reaching the end of her own rope when someone suggested that she smile and say hello to someone she didn’t know. That they told her to have faith in another that you don’t even know because she was having trouble finding faith in others at that time. You don’t know that in reaching back to her, you were just as much a hero as she has become to you.

Friendship can begin in the most unlikely ways not only when someone reaches out, but when someone else reaches back.

Together, you can sing a duet of salvation.

This rendition was inspired to be written due to Dungeon Prompt: Redemption Song, but it is inspired by a true story.

The More Things Change…

The patterns of life vary

Live, die

Dirty, clean

Fight, negotiate

Work, play

Simple patterns that you see every day


She was walking along, not really paying too much attention to what was going on around her. Not that unusual in this day and age, was what she often reassured her father whenever he called, worried at the constant distractions that bombarded her life.

“I’ll be fine, Dad.”

“Sweetie, I really worry about this.”

“I know, I know, but this is just the way life is.”

“It didn’t use to be like this.”

“Dad, yes it did.”

“We weren’t checking our phones every five or ten seconds, darling.”

“Just because the distraction themselves have changed doesn’t mean that the reality of them has.”

“Well, if you’re sure…”

“I’m not pushing the wedding back any further, Dad.”

“I just don’t want you to overload yourself with school and work and now this wedding!”

She gave an exasperated sigh, “I know how to prioritize, Dad. You taught me that. I’ll be fine. You always were.”

He chuckled over the line and nodded, though she wouldn’t be able to see it, “Even when I was running around trying to find my tie and cuff-links?”

“Especially then, Dad!”

This little story was inspired by the Dungeon Prompt: Patterns. Sorry for it’s lateness!

Sour Cherries – Random Ramblings

I love cherries so very much, have since I was old enough to beg my elder siblings to climb our cherry trees and pick me some because I was too little to climb. (Though I learned soon enough how to get up and down without using a chair. Using a chair just left you to be stuck up in the tree and caught by Dad when one of your seven siblings were angry at you and removed the chair before you could get back down. I usually deserved getting caught because I was a little brat that liked to push buttons.)

However, I have now come to look upon the small fruit with an unkind eye.

Finally finished freezing just under 35 pounds of cherries and it only took me four days! I have overstressed my wrists and am typing this very slowly. One of them is in a brace and I can’t dig out the other brace for the left one. I did have some help with the cherries and I am ever grateful for the help. I am also grateful to not have to wash the cherry juice off of my arms anymore when I have to move the laundry. (We don’t have a pitter and I will rectify that when I am able. That thing is, as I have been told by a friend, ‘worth its weight in gold.’

(My nephews and I have also been working on creating a pond for our ducks and geese to swim in during the mornings, which didn’t help my wrists at all.)

Rice Goodness – Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for rice. It is very versatile and delicious. Especially with sugar, butter and cinnamon. One of my favorite desserts as a child was cinnamon rice.

(images fresh hot rice with sugar, cinnamon and butter) So good…

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link when able.)

(Yes, I am thankful for a lot of different kinds of foods.)

Purr Me To Sleep – One-Liner Wednesday

Nothing as soothing as the rumble of a cat’s purr directly outside of your ear.

When I was sick last my cat curled up right next to my ear (because I wouldn’t let her curl up on my chest, I kind of needed to breathe) and purred me into a nice nap.

Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday. (I will update link when able.)

Grey Day

The sky smears grey
Different shades swirl about
There is no light
Not tinged with dark
There is no joy
Not tinged with pain
And yet…
The wind moves restlessly
The air is calm
The house stands still
The windows a silent show
No sounds permeates the walls
The glow from florescent bulbs seem dim
And then…
A splash of color across the sky
Hurry to the door
Peer out with blanket wrapped up tight
The sun sets in glorious array
The grey is washed away.

The kids went back to school today.