The Roar of the Wind

Sometimes she misses what the world was like before the Industrial Revolution. The wide open places that weren’t quite settled yet, the roar of the wind across the empty plains. The sounds of the animals as they wandered about their own habitats soothing in a way that the bustle of human beings could quite bring.

The fact that she hadn’t even known the word ‘habitat’ before the world began to fill with humanity is a good indicator of just how much time she spent around intellectuals.

Comet had spent quite a bit of time around intellectuals; she’d always had a thirst to know more about the humans that they superficially resembled than Star. Star had enjoyed looking at everything that had changed and grown without the aid of human hands.

She didn’t do it often, the best way to truly appreciate the passage of time was to let it happen without being watched she’d found. But when she did take decades out of their lives to travel just to look at the natural world around them, she loved the roar of the wind as it blew through and around everything that was laid before her the most.


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