Waiting is Agony

Listening and not being able to near

As doing so simply causes more distress

Being able to do nothing but wait, can’t even pace

Only hoping that the time will fly

Remembering and shaking head at laughing at others in this state.


One of our goats is in the early (very early) stages of giving birth to her long awaited kids and I am suddenly understanding just why many fathers need to have something to do to take their minds off of being useless in the buildup. I can’t even stay close and try and soothe Belle as she’s too jumpy at the moment. I’m the only one at home while the others have to run errands and go to appointments at the moment so I can’t even really work on anything. Just in case I’m needed I need to be able to snap to it and I can’t work in the garden because I might not have the time to clean up if something goes wrong.

I will never mock expectant fathers again.

No. I probably will. I’m like that.

(This is a post that I wrote a month or so ago.)


3 thoughts on “Waiting is Agony

  1. So true!! I was my daughter’s labour coach and she was in labour 24 hours…I experienced what fathers do; on the positive side, I also saw the birth before the mama did and saw all that I had missed; as for animals, we had a cat when we lived at our grandmother’s and she was very tiny. Her first birthing my mother and I helped her and each litter thereafter she would not hide as most cats do but come get my mom. As a teenager it was my first experience seeing a birth and felt so humbled this cat let us into her life like that. Let us know how Belle is doing. ((((hugs))))

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