Please look this way

And notice the smile on my face.

See me even as I see you,

Sitting here, waiting for your regard.

Especially when you have mine…

Don’t forget that I am here!


Oh, but this is splendid!

Value given to me at last!

Even as I glory in being asked first

Reality sets in as your eyes turn to my sister…


This is what passed through my head when re-watching A&E’s version of Pride and Prejudice in the scene where Mr. Collins is included in the invitation to the ball that Mr. Bingley is throwing and he states that he wishes to dance with all of his cousins. Mary, who throughout Mr. Collins’s visit seems to be the only person from amongst the sisters that enjoys his company or wants it, looks elated for a few moments when she thinks that Mr. Collins is about to ask for her hand for the first two dances before she realizes that he is turning towards Elizabeth instead. The look on her face when she finally realizes that there is nothing she can do to call Mr. Collins’s attention to her as long as Lizzy is there was painful once I recognized it for what it was. I’d never noticed her expression in quite this way before.


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