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Priceless – One-Liner Wednesday

There was a time in my life where I was determined to convince my brother that I loved strawberries dipped in barbecue sauce; it worked. (Grins) I had started small with dipping carrot sticks into the sauce and then working … Continue reading

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Colorful Words

But all I did was brush up against the wall! Really not seeing why it hangs around at all… Unless my skin has gone on strike Increasing my risk even when off that bike Sharing its blood with all the … Continue reading

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Stranger To Me

There are times when she wasn’t sure what to do anymore. Her children were grown and visited her less and less. They listened to anything she had to say with distressingly less regularity. Her husband had grown distant, only coming … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Dad

Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord they God giveth thee. –Exodus 20:12   I would like to take today to honor my dad. Today is his birthday and … Continue reading

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Not-So-Different Reality – Snippet

Love hurts, love scars.   Every time she turned to look at her husband, his heart cried. He never let it show on his face. That was the trouble with going to alternate realities. You find that your wife is … Continue reading

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Step Back and Think

Can’t you think of a way to make this work? Only our whole nation hangs in the balance it seems… My eyes and ears have seen and heard all the spite Pouring out from both sides Reaching not for a … Continue reading

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Continued Awesomeness – Thankful Thursday

I have mentioned before that I am extremely grateful for my awesome neighbor, but she’s just so awesome that I just have to repeat it every time she steps above and beyond as our neighbor. So I am once again … Continue reading

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