Just Like You

Sometimes she wondered at the way they were portrayed even as she set the candles in their places around the room. Popular media often showed them in one of two ways: 1) they were eccentric and did things their own way or 2) they tried everything to be as normal as possible. It never occurred to people, apparently, that they might be people just like them and not really that different at all.

So they had a few different talents that others didn’t have. That wasn’t that abnormal either. Plenty of ‘regular’ (and she always snorted even in her own mind at such a word, nothing was normal, really, everything was only normal in relative to whatever was normal for the person in question) people were able to do things that others struggled with if they could even do it at all. That included those who were ‘different’ or ‘not human.’ Just because they were inhuman didn’t mean that they could do all the wondrous things that brilliance often showed within ‘regular’ humans. Everyone had talents that not every had, just because you were ‘only’ human didn’t mean that was any different.

She didn’t bother sighing as she finished unplugging all of her electronics, what few there were in the house (including the refrigerator and stove). She may not have all the different gadgets in her house that many of her college peers had, but that didn’t mean that she wanted to accidentally damage anything. Just because she wasn’t one of those of her kind that had extra abilities didn’t mean that sometimes static didn’t build up anyway. There was always more static around her kind than others and considering how much static electricity could build up around ‘regular’ humans…

Yeah, she hadn’t wanted to take the chance.

There were no other things that she’d gathered from the night other than the numerous candles that were scattered in great abundance around her main room. She wasn’t as big on observing the different holidays of her kind, not like her parents and siblings or even nephews were, but she did like to sit in a room only lit by candles as she sat through the Autumn Solstice.

Once the candles were lit, she sat in one of her chairs in the middle of the room and watched the flicker of light play against her bare walls and windows as the sun sunk beneath the horizon.

As she had already said, she wasn’t a strict observer of the Rites or holidays, but she did like to use them to take the time and think about her life.

After all, being a born witch didn’t much change the fact that she still had to make serious decisions about what she was going to do with her life now that she was nearing the end of her college years and needed to find a job that would utilize the degree that she’d spent the last four years working towards.

This was written for the Third Annual Spooky Writing Challenge, though it’s different from what I offered up last time. I hope that it is enjoyed!


In Need of Rest

Until I cannot walk anymore

Slogging on through what feels like mud

Down and down and down I go

Even though hands hold me up


Useless, I often feel

Perhaps it’s time for a nap.


The kids are now on end of term break. They deserve it greatly.

Memorable Chocolate – Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for chocolate and for all the good memories it brings me. Like the time my niece and nephews made sure that all of their dark chocolate Halloween candy was given to me because I could eat the dark chocolate better than the milk (though I still had to be careful about eating too much.) I’d try to give some of it back sometimes (in the beginning), but they’d just shove it in my bag and walk away.

“Enforce charity!” –my friend’s family

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Have a Happy Halloween! (Seriously, this is my favorite holiday, enjoy it!)

Striped Pie – One-Liner Wednesday

It tastes like turkey and I wanted something with gravy so we’re having shepherd’s pie…with raccoon.

My neighbors caught a raccoon in their live trap. It had been slaughtering their chickens and so they set out traps. They didn’t know what to do with it and my older brother’s had it while on a mission in Louisiana and wouldn’t stop singing the meat’s praises. So of course Mom, who’s from the South anyway, insisted that if the neighbors were okay with it then could we please have the meat? So we’re having shepherd’s pie made with raccoon meat tonight.

I have no idea how this is going to go.

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Not There

When you look for where I am, I won’t be there. –King Julian, Madagascar 3


The halls were not silent; they could never be when you were in a palace. There were always people around, even during a war. Men and women bustling about their business and the business of the crown, trying to do what they could for the war effort or for their own lives and ambitions. Even in the dead of the night the palace wasn’t quiet as the night shift for both guard and the servants or dignitaries that were working late or through the night on this or that project.

But still there was someone missing.

People had fallen during the war, both out on the battlefront and at home from the attacks that had slipped through and reached the home planets. The loss of people to death or to the Chaos-souled (which was an arguably worse fate, depending on who you asked) did not diminish the sound. In fact, the destruction that had been left in the wake of those who had been lost to the Chaos-souled was still being repaired as well which was only adding to the noise all over the city as well as within the palace halls.

There were many people missing, but there was someone in particular that was missing right now.


Neal was missing.

And they had no idea where he had gone.

The war had been in full swing, or as full swing as any war could be said to be in, when they had noticed that Neal had gone missing. (Technically they were still at war with the Chaos-souled, but there was a very tense armistice in effect at the moment.) His rooms were orderly, or about as orderly as he ever kept them (which wasn’t much) and there was no note, no sign of a struggle or anything to indicate that he hadn’t left of his own free will.

But there was no indication that he hadn’t been blackmailed (though they’d thought that he would have come to them if he was having any kind of problems like that. He’d never seemed to have any kind of problem with others no matter what his past had been.) And so, they worried.

Because no sign of a struggle was not a sign that he had left without some kind of outside force.

Look Inside

Real life likes to push its way in

Especially when you’re trying to do something

So you have to find a way to push the distractions back

Taking time to think and ponder what I lack

Looking at myself through eyes that are not mine

Even going so far as to wonder just what I might find

So take time every day, or every chance you get

Search inside of who you want to be just yet


Sometimes I can only take so much

Of life and how it has a continuous suck

Upon my time and energy

Lacking that spiritual synergy

Insert Restless Soul by Cherie Call