It Starts Slowly – Snippet

“Hold onto me!”

“I’m doing the best I can!”

“Well, it’s not good enough!”

He leaned back against the canyon wall as the pair of rock climbers continued to argue above him. Neither was in any kind of danger nor were they particularly upset with one another. They just seemed to enjoy arguing about every little thing.

It irritated him.

These people just going about wherever they wanted to go without any care or regard for the natural order of things.

It wasn’t natural for people to be hanging off the side of a canyon, being held up by a collection of ropes and hooks. They certainly shouldn’t have time or energy to bicker back and forth at each so often, as if this was nothing more than a game to them.

(He doesn’t realize that his hand is slowly glowing with an absence of light with every negative thought or complain he has about the people above him.)


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