Treated Like Trash

You don’t know

Just how important someone is

Until they aren’t there anymore

Day in and day out

They give you all they have

Day in and day out

You give nothing back

You leave them alone

Alone in the garbage

Because to you

That’s all they are

Someone to throw out and ignore

As soon as the game is over

Not knowing how important they are

How vital to your life they have become

For without them

You have nothing

Without them

You are out of order

Does it make you think?

Does it make you wonder?

Why am I like this?

Out of order?

Why is that?

Maybe I should have been

Different with that one?

Maybe I should have let him in

And not thrown him away?


You don’t think that

All you do is blame

Was watching “Wreck-It Ralph” and that moment at the beginning when you realize that everyone in his game, in Ralph’s game, treats him like crap because he does his job you realize just how different the dynamics in some of the other games. Mario and Bowser, for example, seem to get along outside of the storyline that they have. It’s unusual and it’s not something that you think about until you watch “Wreck-It Ralph” and see the way that Ralph is treated by the other characters in his game.

They never want him around, but when he isn’t there and their game gets put out of commission? They still don’t appreciate him, which is just not right. Instead, they blame him for wanting something better, for wanting to be treated like a person.

“Just because you are bad-guy doesn’t mean you have to be bad guy.” –Zangeef (I have no idea if I spelled his name right.)

Just because you’re doing the job that you were given doesn’t mean that you have to be a bad person even if the job is being someone who’s normally seen as an enemy.

Just don’t hate, people, don’t hate.

“What did you want, Ralph?”

“I was just tired of living alone in the garbage.”

“Well now you can live alone in the penthouse.” –Jean and Ralph

Jean, you missed the important part of Ralph’s sentence. It wasn’t where he was living; it was how he was living. The man was alone and unwanted. It wouldn’t matter where he lived if he was continually ignored and treated like trash by the main people that he interacted with every. Single. Day.

The man just wanted to be treated like a person.


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