Raining Inside

It was never intended to go like this.

Lights flashed and horns honked. The sounds of people surging up all around you almost drown out the breaking of a heart.

But not quite, because nothing can drown out what you hear from your own chest as he turns and walks away for the final time.

He was never one to do things lightly and you knew that when you went into this. You’d thought that your eyes had been wide open.

Just like you thought that he’d stay.

I guess you got a lot of things wrong with this one. Like letting some guy into your heart when you knew better. Just because he’d been so different from every other boy that you’d ever met. Just because he’d actually stood up for against friends and family, people that had been in his life long before you. Just because he’d been understanding without being a pushover.

Just because he was everything that you wanted and you were everything that he had wanted.

Well, thought he’d wanted.

Obviously you weren’t really what he’d wanted.

Or, at least you’re not what he wants now.

So your heart is broken and he’s long since walked away.

The sky is clear, the sun is up, everything looks beautiful and bright and hopeful.

If only it wasn’t raining in your heart.


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