Why I Still Blog

I began blogging for a very different reason to why I continue to blog. The prompt didn’t ask about why I started blogging, so I’m going to skip mentioning the selfish reason that I began blogging. I’m going to go into why I’ve continued to blog.

I like to write. I’ve always liked to write and tell stories. Since I started blogging I’ve discovered that I enjoy writing poetry as well, which is something new to me. I enjoyed writing poetry in middle and high school when it was for my different classes, but never really thought that I’d do much with it outside of assignments that I needed to turn in for my grade. The first time I posted poetry on this blog, it just happened. I don’t even remember what the poem was about (and I’m writing this particular post at my house that still doesn’t have internet, which means that yes, this post will be posted probably up to a month after it was initially written) just that it was what I ended up writing and then posting.

It wasn’t supposed to be a regular thing on the blog, my poetry, until it suddenly was.

I love to write, I have to write. Even before I had a blog, I wrote. I wrote original work and fanfiction and non-fiction. Even when I’m working at home, I have stories and ideas going through my head all the time.

There is no escape.

So I blog in an attempt to share what’s going on in my head with everyone else.

And maybe, someday, I’ll actually publish something.

This tiny ramble was brought to you by the Dungeon Prompt: Why do you blog?



About martha0stout

I like to read and write and hang out with my family and friends. I currently live on a farm and all that such a living entails.
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3 Responses to Why I Still Blog

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  2. I never planned on writing poetry either. I always wrote songs, and then when I had this space on the blog it just became the easiest and most efficient way to translate my thoughts down on the page.

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