Take It With You

I love to see the temple…For the temple is the House of God, a place of love and beauty. –“I Love to See the Temple” from the Children’s Songbook


There are many happy places, but the happiest is when you know that you are safe, when you know that those around you care for you no matter what. When you know that nothing bad can happen to you there.

For me, it’s family and there is nowhere that brings family together better than the temple of the Lord.


“As a child of God, I know this truth, the family is forever.” –“I Love to See the Temple” from the Children’s Songbook


It is true that you have to work to be happy, it doesn’t just come easily. If it did, would we cherish it so? Would it mean the same to us? No, probably not.


You have to work to be happy.

My family makes me want to be happy, makes me want to be a better person. That takes a lot of work.

Being worthy for the temple, to be able to go inside the House of the Lord, that takes effort. You can’t just coast for it, you have to sit down and decide what you are and aren’t going to do in order to qualify for it and then you have to stick to it. The decision can be hard enough, but to keep to that decision is just as difficult. Sometimes more so.

But I don’t live close to the temple anymore. (Moving to the other side of a mountain range into a valley that doesn’t have four temples up and is at least an hour away from the nearest one does that to a person.)

But the Spirit of the Lord, that same Spirit that is present in the temple at all times, can be with you outside and everywhere. So you can bring the feelings of happiness that are in the temple with you when you leave. You can have them at the part, at church, at your home, on the road.


If you just work hard enough for it, everywhere can be your happy place, because it is something that you can take with you.


This short ramble was brought to you by the Dungeon Prompt: Getting to Our Happy Place



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