Willing to Ask in Humility

At times we must swallow our pride

Seek out from others what we do not have

Keeping in mind that we don’t have to do it alone


Friends and family are all around

Only waiting for their hand to be taken

Reaching back and reaching out at the same time


How often have you thought, “I don’t need anyone else?”

Even as the water flows over your head and covers your mouth?

Let them in, let them help, let them be there for you and yours

Please remember that it heals wounds in them that you cannot see.


Sometimes being humble means:

-taking lessons from others you believe are less than yourself

-backing down

-accepting the consequences of your actions

And sometimes, sometimes being humble means letting another serve and help you even though you want to stand on your own feet. There is no dishonor in accepting aid when it is needed and offered and given.

Inspired by the Dungeon Prompt: Humbling Ourselves


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