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Looking Back – Thankful Thursday

Today is the week after Christmas, but like most of my posts was written long before this day actually arrived. I have found, though, that things I am grateful for one day I am still thankful for on another even if … Continue reading

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Nothing More

I am my purpose, nothing more, nothing less. –unknown   There wasn’t anything left for Comet, it seemed. She was cast out, banished, never to return again to the place of her creation, the land where her sister even now … Continue reading

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Family is:   Home Safe Fun Happiness Laughter Sorrow Tears Anger Joy Pain Memories Beginnings   It is Everything   Family is what you make just as much as what you are born to. Just because you share blood doesn’t … Continue reading

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Found Myself in a Book

Reading and writing and looking through books. I found myself at a time when I had no idea who I was, literally. No memories that were personal, no names or places or objects that held any kind of meaning. I … Continue reading

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Love in Ten Lines

Love is to mourn To mourn those loved To love those lost To love those found To love those burdened To love and lift To comfort with love Accept comfort with love Stand as love’s witness Love’s a wondrous thing. … Continue reading

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Itchy – Six Word Saturday

Uncomfortable in the extreme, itchy hair. I usually write a lot (or a little), but I’m not one of few words even if the writing is only a little, so I decided for my response to the Dungeon Prompt: Outside … Continue reading

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Mercy in Forgiveness – Twelfth Day

Today is a day never to be forgotten Where love in the physical flesh was begotten Emotions are high with joy and peace Letting us know His love is as warm as fleece Forgiveness given to all who will seek … Continue reading

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