Remember the Most

That might sound boring, but I think that the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. –Russell, from “Up”


Time passed.

Of course time passed, if was one of the few things that time could actually do.

(And no, she wasn’t going to talk about the Time Guardian. The solitary figure wasn’t Time itself, just its Guardian.)

Anyway, the point was time passed and so did those who were subject to it. Beings who were not Kissed by Chaos broke down faster (well, those that survived and integrated the Kiss of Chaos didn’t break down very fast, but those that didn’t take to it very well…sometimes they broke down more quickly). That wasn’t to say that those not Kissed by Chaos couldn’t live long, they could, their bodies just changed and aged. Those that had a botched Kiss from Chaos aged faster even than them, though.

Either way, everyone was brought low by time eventually, whether it was because their bodies were subject to it or because the heart, no matter whether it was Kissed by Chaos or not, could only take so much.

So that is why she fought so hard to remember the little things, the things that didn’t seem to matter as they were happening, because they were what truly made you who you were.

She remembered her first Queen, Solaris the First when she was still a teenager, interested in boys and trying to find out more about her aunt and uncle.

She remembered when her Queen’s Personal Name had been her only name and was used by everyone and anyone who even knew her in passing.

She laughed softly when she recalled the first time her Queen had taken her to see a movie in 3-D. She’d seen the evolution of movies throughout her entire life, but still hadn’t been prepared for them to jump out of the screen and not be an attack from the Enemy. After all, it’d happened before, plenty of times, while the technology for 3-D movies were still being developed.

Her laugh turned into a gentle chuckle as she remembered the first time she’d appeared out of seemingly thin air, hovering over her young Queen. The shriek had been priceless and the scolding that followed had always underscored the amusement she felt when picturing her Queen’s youthful face trying (and failing) to sound stern and full of discipline.

The young Solaris had eventually gotten the tone right, but not until she’d had her second child, which was another happy memory that she enjoyed.

There were a million and one different memories that she held near and dear to her heart, boring ones and important ones. Grand occasions and little moments that took no longer than it takes to warm up a cup of ramen.

Everything and anything in between this life and the next.

And that was where she would take them, because in the end, that’s all we are, the cumulative memories and experiences that make up our very soul from the day we are born until the day that we die.

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