Taste Like Despair – One-Liner Wednesday

Store bought eggs taste like despair.

This was my friend, commenting on the difference between store bought eggs and the ones we have at the farm. At first we chuckled, but then she pointed out that most chickens on egg farms likely don’t have a whole half-acre to wander all over the place like our twenty-one chickens have. (They actually hop the fence and wander in the empty lot next to us as well, but I don’t count it because they spend most of their time here…I think…) I’ve read somewhere that how an animal is feeling when they die affects the meat, it isn’t a great stretch to apply the same to a chicken when they are laying an egg.

Makes you kind of super sad to think about why store bought eggs have absolutely no flavor…

Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday. (Will update link when able.)


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