There’s a Difference

I’m not an idiot. I’m a maniac. There’s a difference. –Kayasurin


Alex frowned, not scowled, frowned.

“This is just, is just, silly!”

He continued to frown as his sister poked around his lab, obviously sick but refusing to rest like he had told her.

“Why do you even have some of this stuff, Allie?”

Alex just sighed at the nickname that was never leaving no matter what he tried, “I’ve told you before, I need to know if some of this is scientifically possible.”

“Just because something can be done doesn’t mean that it should, Allie.” Mary wobbled over to look at another ongoing project, but, wisely for once, did not try and touch it. For some reason, she only remembered that rule when she was sick, which, sadly, did not happen an awful lot. The not touching thing, not the illness thing, he didn’t want her to get sick more often, just not touch the things in his lab.


“No, really, there are things in life that just shouldn’t exist.”

“I think you need to go and sleep, Mary,” Alex said, taking his sister’s arm firmly but gently and starting to lead her out of the lab and back to her room.

He didn’t want to get into another argument about why she was an abomination. This only happened when her fevers (rare though they were) spiked and if she didn’t rest up it was likely that such a thing was going to happen.

She’d been getting better, but every now and then…

Alex just sighed more heavily as his sister allowed him to tuck her gently into bed before brushing a kiss across her sweaty forehead and turned out the lights.

“There is a difference between stupidity and madness,” she had told him once when she’d been trying to find something only she could see at the end of her finger, “Sometimes the madness takes you and runs with you, but stupidity? Stupidity is a choice even if it doesn’t feel like it.”

Alex was never really sure which of the two it was Mary ended up in when she was feverish like this. It didn’t seem like a choice to him.

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