Too late

Too early

Not enough time

Time enough


Finishing early

Not early enough

Time to rest

Or so I thought


Not able to check in

Counter stopped

Not able to sign off

Frozen without the end




Not this time

Not this year


But I will know

No matter what

The counter says

I will know


So…I did NaNoWriMo this year (like most of my years lately) and I even finished early! (does tiny jig of joy) But I didn’t have access to the internet in order to update the word count or enter in the final numbers before the countdown finished until a week after it was all over. So my official part of the website will show that I almost finished this year and fell short by just a little bit in the crunch time. But I will know that not only did I finish, but that I finished early.

And I thought I would be upset with that, but I find that I’m…not.

I’m not.

(And like all of my posts lately, this was written over a month before it was posted.)

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