Take A Look

View is what people rave about

And wonder just who has it the best

Not realizing that more is enjoyed

Taking pleasure in the smallest jest

As others hurry right through life

Getting there before the rest

Eschewing the smallest joys while trying to be the best of the best



“It tears holes in people in different ways.  Holes you can’t fill.  That’s not what you’re trying to do.  You’re not trying to fill it.  You’re trying to help them live with it.”


“Star, you need to grieve.”

“I have.”

Solaris shook her head, the earrings on her ears tinkling as the symbols on them making the soft noise, “You haven’t, Star, you really haven’t.”

Star says nothing; the black of her suit doesn’t sparkle the way it used to, the way it’s supposed to as a representation of the night sky.


The young-seeming woman turns and for the first time since Solaris has been crowned the Solar Monarch walks away without so much as a gesture to the woman she’s sworn to protect and obey until the day the Solar Monarch is laid to rest in the ground.

Solaris watches with sorrow-filled eyes as her oldest friend walks away from her.

“Oh, my dear friend, just because she is lost doesn’t mean that your sister won’t ever be found.”

Star doesn’t hear her, she’s too far away, lost in the grief that she won’t let herself feel.

Imagination Required

Maybe the claws and teeth will warn you

Only seeing the glow in the eyes

Not realizing that they mean no harm

Still knowing the difference in their charm

Taking what is needed and nothing more

Even as their face changes away from normal

Reacting only to the danger for themselves


How often do we forget

Useless though mankind has been painted as

Most stories were created by man

And the true monster isn’t full of teeth or venom

No, the greatest monster is the man


Animals are not monsters, mythical creatures aren’t monster, humans though… Humans are the ones that get a choice in how they act, they are the ones that, at times, choose to be monsters.

Must be the imaginations within us.

Stakes In This

She screamed, but over the sound of the crowd it meant nothing.

Just like all of her attempts to save her half-brother’s mother from burning at the stake meant nothing. She grabbed the little boy’s hand and dragged him away from the sight of his mother before the flames even reached the woman’s skirt.

If she’d had the time, Helena would have glared at her father from where he’d sat on a velvet cushion while he’d let his mistress burn at the stake for the witchcraft that he himself had been working, but had allowed an innocent woman to take the fall for instead of even trying to repent.

Helena hated the man that was her Lord father, knowing that he would do it all over again so long as it got him out of trouble with the local priest.


Helena shushed her little brother, only five years old and not quite old enough to understand why the genteel woman that was somehow his sister was dragging him away from the only parent in his life.

“It’s all right, Sebastian, just come with me, your mother wanted you to spend more time with me and so you will come with me.” Helena babbled as she continued to pull her brother, now her charge away from the town square and back towards the keep that she, now they, lived in.

Helena now had far more to lose than any other time in her life. She wasn’t going to take the chance that her father would spirit the boy away for some nefarious reason so she had best get him added to her household before her father could do so.

If he hadn’t already, that is.

No, don’t be silly, Helena, she chastised herself, If Father had already done so, then he would have already taken custody of the boy. There is still time. There is still time.

I don’t know why I wrote this, but it’s been in my head for almost a year now. Maybe writing it down will get it out of my head? (I won’t hold my breath, though.)