Blank Post – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for the fact that the blank post that I thought I had accidentally posted didn’t actually happen.

It’s been that kind of day.

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Niece – Thankful Thursday

Today is my second eldest niece’s birthday. I am grateful for her chocolate eyes. They are very soulful and make me sad when I tell her that I have to go home.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link when able.)

Death in Pink

Perhaps not the most common

And certainly going to get a giggle

Really now, Princess, you shouldn’t frown

And stomp your little foot there

Seeing how your enemies

Only see an umbrella

Let them laugh as you kill them


Just found out that Princess Peach in the Mario RPG game that my nephew is playing uses a parasol as her weapon. At first I laughed at the thought of her hitting people with it or having a little blade on the point, but no. She points it at her enemies, opens it and then closes it and then they die.

Still makes me giggle even as I wonder what opening and closing the parasol does to cause damage.

“By All” Means Everyone

But all will love her

Even the one who cursed her

Losing her heart once again

Only to the child of the first of men

Very sorry, was she, when she could not remove

Endless the curse she’d cast

Death would have been preferable to what she had to live


Finally saw the movie “Maleficent.” It broke my heart, it did.

When she began her curse with ‘beloved by all’ I don’t think Maleficent realized that she was included in that ‘all’ because all means everyone. It would be the child of the one who broke her that healed Maleficent in the end and made her realize that she didn’t want to get even with Stephen, she just wanted to live.