Perspective – One-Liner Wednesday

You are fine, I know you don’t believe me, but you are.

Something that I was telling my puppy while he fussed about being in his kennel (we’re still kennel training him as part of teaching him to not go to the bathroom in the house) when I realized that sometimes this is what the Lord is telling us when all we can see is that we are trapped. His perspective is very different from ours and we don’t understand it at the moment. Sometimes we don’t understand it at all until years, if not decades, later in life.

But we just have to be like my puppy and trust that there is a reason for why we are in the kennel at the moment instead of running free. Especially when we see others who aren’t restricted the way we are at the moment.

Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday. (Will update link when able.)


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