Empty Victory

How far would you go
To see the light of day
To cast out those
Who would destroy the way?
Would you lose all
To gain back a few
not Deciding what to keep
Just to enjoy the view?
What is is worth
To lose all you have
If only to compromise
And cut yourself in half?
Then when you stand
And see what you have wrought
Knowing that you have given
Away all won by those who fought
Will you be happy
With what you have done
knowing the price of victory
Is as empty as they come?
For you have forsaken
All that you once had
To have for just a moment
Those with which you were mad.
Wisdom is only gained
When you have finally learned
The lesson that you worked
So very hard to earn.
And moved forward
And never again forget
That there will always be a price
For that which you will get.
But only if you remember
That lesson found so hard
And kept it in your heart
To never once be tarred.
For time does not cause
Us to forget the lesson
Only disuse can do so
And cause the effects to lessen.
So practice that knowledge
Keep it bright and shiny new
So that you will not forget
What has made you, you.
Then your mouth won’t taste of ash
And you won’t be left with nothing
Having brought substance
To the victory that once was wanting.

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