Heart Beat

“I can hear your heart beat.”

“It’s saying I love you.” –father and son, from a story whose name and author I can’t remember…blast it!


He’d been in love once with a young woman. They had met, become friends, fallen in love, gotten married and had a small family.

It was perfect.

And then, it wasn’t.

It wasn’t perfect anymore because the love of his life, the mother of his children, his best friend was sick.

And she wasn’t getting better, if anything she was getting worse. And they didn’t know why. They tried everything, exhausted every resource that they could get their hands on and still, nothing.

He didn’t know what to do.

His children would likely soon be motherless and he would be without his wife.

He’d be alone.


He turned and met his son’s eyes, they were the same shade and shape of his wife and he tried to hold back the wince.

“Yes, son?”

The little boy held up his arms and he bent to pick him up. Once his son was in his arms, the boy leaned forward and put his ear against his father’s chest.

“Daddy, can you hear my heart beat?”

The man chuckled lightly, “No, son, but I’m sure you can hear mine.”

The boy nodded before sitting up and reaching up to pull his father’s head down against his own chest.

“Now can you hear it?”

“Yes, son, I can hear it.”

“Mommy says that whenever a heartbeat is heard, the person hearin’ it’s bein’ told ‘I love you.’ Did you know that?”

He smiled, “No, son, I didn’t know that.”

Maybe he wouldn’t be as alone as he thought. It would be just like his darling wife to remind him without even being there that he wouldn’t be alone anymore no matter what.


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