Breaking In – Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Vincent is coming along very well in becoming house-trained. Using that kennel for the first month or so really helped out and his patience with us humans is awesome too. He now knows how to wake me up in the middle of the night because he wants out.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link when able.)


Left Behind

Memories brought up

Even though tear will flow

More and more you find things forgot

Only to realize how important they’re not

Reality bent to suit those left behind

Innocent though it may be

And others, far more severe, dwelt on here

Listening and remembering what you have lost


Funerals, for me at least, aren’t for the deceased. They are for the people left behind.


My but how easy it is to get you!

Unless it’s outside of the game…

Never gonna be rich in real life

Never gonna move out of the basement

Yet my life isn’t really that stereotype…


My younger sister is playing “Kingdom Hearts Unchained X” right next to me and was letting me know that it was ridiculously easy to get the currency of that game compared to other “Kingdom Hearts” games. I asked  her if it was as easy as earning the currency for Final Fantasy XII.

Alas! I am only wealthy in video games!

Why you do this?! – Random Ramblings

Was all ready for bed.

Mom was getting ready and glanced out her window.

That faces the back.

Where the goats live…

“Martha, I can’t tell if the goats are in our yard or on the other side of the back fence.”

“(sighs) I’ll go check it out, Mom.”

(*Puts on robe and slippers, the goats are probably just at the very back of the lot and the kids aren’t home from youth activities yet.)

(Gets to the back gate and realizes that only three of our goats are still in the yard (excluding the three that are in the buck pen and therefore unable to get out) and immediately breaks out into a run.)

“Why you do this, goats?!”

Thankfully most of them came back in quite easily.

Most of them.

Two of the goatlings ran up and down the fence freaking out while their mothers just stood next to me trying to get them to come in under the hole they’d all dug in the fence. It still worked out because my neighbors who live behind and slightly to the side of us helped me get those last two back in.