Not Without

For I have found

As a child raised by a mother

That life is never so clear cut

Having a father only every other week

Even as then I had no mother

Reality was that I was never really without

Listening quietly to the back of my mind

Especially in times of fear

Sinking into my lonely heart

Soothing whispers of love from On High


I have found that I don’t like the phrase ‘fatherless child’ or ‘motherless child,’ because I believe that all were born from Heavenly Parents who sent us down to Earth to have earthly parents and to learn and grow. So even when we live in homes with only one parent or the other, we still have Parents who love us and want to help.

It’s just that sometimes we need to learn to ask for that help.

7 thoughts on “Not Without

  1. So very true! Broken home is a name I don;t like as well. After our parents divorced our new home was far from broken, filled with a grandmother, mother and uncle …if the home was broken, it was because the love cracked the sides sometimes 🙂

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      • As much as we say ” we never know what really happens behind closed doors” inferring to bad things, sometimes good things are happening too. Hope you are well, Martha, it`s been awhile…life has happened a few too many times of late…but that is a good thing…life, living. I just finished writing for Sreejit`s 365 days of Living and Dying prompt which took me a whole day. Sending you gigantic warm hugs xxx

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      • (*returns hugs with interest*) Lots of life going on over here too. Finally got the internet at home, but there’s so much to do that I rarely get more time on here to do more than glance at things for about 5 minutes here and there.

        I haven’t been able to do more than realize that Sreejit’s got a new prompt going on. My posts are still all scheduled from a month ago until the end of June where I’ll actually be writing newer things again.

        And you are right, just because you can’t see the good happening in someone’s home doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. As far as surprises go, I think those are the best kind.

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