It All Hinged

I’ve heard off and on throughout my life that “when God closes a door, He often opens a window,” but what if He doesn’t?

What if, instead, He gives you just enough leverage to remove the door’s hinges instead?

Just, hear me out.

Sometimes there’s no window. You can’t see what you’re doing because it’s so dark, you only have the light from the crack in the bottom of the door and you know that it’s not good on the other side or you wouldn’t have shut yourself in that room in the first place.

But you got yourself into that room and with some hep, you know you can get yourself back out the way you came in, you just have to get back through the door.

But what happens when you’ve locked the door behind you and dropped the key in the darkness?

You reach around trying to find the key and you find something else instead?

There are different ways to get out of the room, different tools that the Lord can give you to help you find Him once again.

Sometimes He gives you that window first mentioned.

Sometimes it’s the key you just dropped.

Or a lock pick.

Or a conveniently placed trapdoor.

Sometimes it’s tools to get the hinges off the door.

Either way, there is always a way out, because there was a way in.


2 thoughts on “It All Hinged

  1. I love this! Sometimes it takes a long time to get out. Sometimes you find things to build a ladder to the window way up at the top you didn’t even know was there because the night was so long and dark, or you just couldn’t see well…. So many ways!

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