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The Little Ties

It was certainly one of her favorite holidays even if more people didn’t really consider it a holiday at all. Mary smiled as she twirled around in her ‘costume.’ No one had to know that she’d made it to look … Continue reading

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Little Time Left

She’s traveled far, her shoes long since worn out and her coat in tatters. Her hair was matted and dirty, stray leaves and even a few twigs caught in the mess. Her face, once fair and almost translucent was smudged … Continue reading

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Moved – Thankful Thursday

I’ve said before how grateful I am for when we moved out to the farm several times and for differing reasons. Yesterday I got a new one, but it’s one that, while incredibly relieving, is also one that I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Phone Call – One-Liner Wednesday

Don’t you just love it when someone you’ve been waiting to get into contact with finally texts, but for some reason your phone won’t text back, or call and your landline won’t dial out to that ONE NUMBER, but will … Continue reading

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Some Days…

Can’t seem to do more than drag Ridiculous as it looks And yet work is still done With yawns cracking open my face Life just keeps moving forward

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The Journey Home – Silent Sunday

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Take What You Can Get – Thankful Thursday

For all that Vincent likes to chew up our shoes (we’ve lost at least ten so far and not all from the same pair…), he doesn’t chew on any of our power cords. For that, I am grateful. Check out … Continue reading

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