Golden Rainfall of Memory – Thankful Thursday

I know I’ve said it often that I am grateful for my family, for my parents and my siblings, my in-laws and my nieces and nephews, but I really am.

My parents for teaching me things that I have really needed as an adult.

(How to sew and care for a yard, how to love someone even when you’re anry with them and how to care for them even or especially when you just want to smack them in the face with a pillow.)

My siblings for too many things to name.

(Games played with as children, complicated knots used to keep you in your bedroom by tying the doors shut and so teaching you how to unknot even the most complicated of strings in your shoelaces as a result, how to accept help when you don’t think you need it, how to give help and love when it is not wanted.)

My in-law siblings.

(How to step back from people and rearrange priorities to knew ones that are more important, how to help and coordinate so that blessed events can come to pass years in advance than originally thought possible (like a much desired wedding) and how to wear yourself out with a smile.)

My nieces and nephews.

(How to stay up late and still be able to go to school in the morning, how to sing different songs when needed at different times of day, how to adapt stories on the fly for a smile or a goodnight, how to braid hair in new ways, and how to bake cookies that you’ve never even heard of before.)

I’m grateful for my family and for every frustrating moment and laugh and tear that they have wrung from me because through them I have come to realize that the world is more than just what I can see.

Make sure to check out the original Thankful Thursday as well this week. (If the link takes you to a list of thankful Thursday posts, then I have not been able to update it to this week’s post yet for any number of reasons, in which case, enjoy them all!)

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