Moved – Thankful Thursday

I’ve said before how grateful I am for when we moved out to the farm several times and for differing reasons. Yesterday I got a new one, but it’s one that, while incredibly relieving, is also one that I hadn’t wanted.

My sister emailed me a link yesterday to a news article. After reading it, I just kind of sat and didn’t think about it. Now, it’s something that I’m having trouble not thinking about if I am sitting still and not actively doing something.

There was a shooting at a middle school in the next valley over.

A valley that I used to live in.

At a school that all three of my sister’s children would have been at if we hadn’t moved.

There’s only one person who was shot and the article states that the injured student is stable and that he made it through surgery all right.

I’ve been at a school where a student brought a weapon and we went into lockdown. I’ve been evacuated from my high school because there was a bomb threat. I’ve had a robbery happen across the street at another school and had it go into lockdown.

This was so much more frightening.

So I am grateful that we moved. So incredibly grateful. Because the thought of any of my sister’s kids being there fills me with such terror that I’m having trouble even writing this out.

I can but pray for those still there.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Hopefully it will cheer us up. Now I must go do something to keep my brain from cycling about this.)


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