Almost The End

Writing all month long
Really takes a lot of time
Involving lots of hair pulling
Mostly as you yell at your own story
Only to rejoice once you’re done

Well, it’s the second to last day of NaNoWriMo and I am glad even though I’ve enjoyed writing on one project for most of the month.

Many Blessings – Thankful Thursday

There are many things that I can be grateful for today of all days.

I can be grateful for the snow that blitzed us last night (and stuck around to freeze my nephew’s fingers off when doing animal waters this morning).

I can be grateful that we finished getting the roof up for the pigs’ shelter yesterday before it snowed (except for the tarp I have to sew to go over the top for added protection.)

I can even be grateful for the wood that we have to keep the living room warm from the wood stove.

But mostly?

Mostly I’m grateful for new friends made this week, old friends that I got to hang around with before today (they went to Oregon to visit family for a week), and for how snuggle-y our animals are whenever it’s snowy and perfect to curl up with a book and a cat or dog.

Hope that y’all are also having a great day, whether it’s Thanksgiving for you or not.

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That Kind of Day

(crawls somewhere and dies)

(not actually dies)

(just tired dies)

(if that isn’t a thing it is now)

Have you ever had just one of those days?

Where you wonder why you keep moving?

Because nothing’s going right

Everything isn’t even going wrong

But you’re so tired

Not even physically tired

But emotionally eshausted

You just want to curl up

With cookies or popcorn

And read

But you can’t

Because you have to be

An Adult