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Jetting Away – He Made This

There’s been a bunch of stuff going on this last weekend, but I thought today I’d share another of my nephew’s lego works: Advertisements

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Through the Cold Night -Thankful Thursday

So, yesterday,  my eldest nephew and I were going to finally finish the new pig pen before it snowed last night and into today. While we were over there getting the first of the last four panels ready, he heard … Continue reading

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Robots In Disguise – One-Liner Wednesday

It’s like Beast Wars: Livestock Edition. My younger brother describing what our eldest nephew did with the chicken Lego set that one of our sisters got him for Easter. Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday. Here’s the picture I took … Continue reading

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To Be Free – Serious Short

“You don’t understand, if you don’t free me we will all be doomed-” “Are you threatening your king!” the man with the crown demanded. The weather-worn woman before did not tremble from his anger, merely bowed her head in exhaustion … Continue reading

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Keep On Truckin’ – He Made This

Well, it’s my eldest nephew’s birthday today, his Golden Birthday even. Here’s another of his lego constructs that it’s so much fun to watch him build.

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Light in the Dark – Silent Sunday

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At Any Temperature – Thankful Thursday

There are a lot of things to be grateful for during this time of the year. I could try and name them all or I could name a few or I could name just one. I’m kind of tired and … Continue reading

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