Slushy Floors

She was running late to class as she slammed the car door behind her and glanced back at her mom with a wave before frantically hurrying through the thick now towards the school in front of her. The sky is a dark gray, jut enough light to see with the help of the lights coming from the school building and the cars on the street. The snow i coming down thick and she’s careful as she hurries across the sidewalk that is incredibly icy despite the thick layer of road salt.

The teenager manages to not slip and tumble onto the cold ground outside of the school, but her luck runs out as soon as her booted feet hit the linoleum just past the rugs placed at every door in the building.

She isn’t even alone in the hall when her feet reach for the sky and she’s flat on her back with the wind knocked out of her.

“Are you all right?!”


Several other students rush over to make sure the downed teen hasn’t hurt herself with how hard she went down.

“I’m all right,” she rasps after a moment and sits up, reaching one hand back to check on her head. It’s only a little sore unlike her back which landed hard on her bag full of school supplies and homework and even a few books.

She doesn’t even get a chance to look around for the few text books that were in her hands instead of in her bag when she bursts out with laughter once realizing what just happened.

The others in the hall look at her like she’s lost her mind and one of them help pull the still laughing girl to her feet while another hands her the books she’d dropped and scattered in her fall.

“Are you sure? That looked like your head bounced there.”

The girl finally pushes her laughter down enough to speak, “Yeah, but my bag kept it from smacking too hard and I have a lot of practice with knowing how hard my head is. I must have looked hilarious when my feet slipped though!”

No one has any time to say anything else before the last bell rings and everyone quickly returns to getting to class.

Though everyone in the hall goes more slowly than they had before, reminded of the wet floors from the snow that’s been tracked throughout the over-populated school.

All last week it snowed and we were ecstatic, because we can really use the snow cap in the mountains and the runoff once spring comes. Yesterday it all changed into rain (cold rain, but still) and now there’s these giant puddles of water all over the place (my backyard looks like a pond). During the night it all froze, but once the sun came up, thing’s warmed up just enough to rain and create larger puddles out of the slowly melting ice, but it’s also just cold enough for it to be slushing instead of just raining every couple of hours.

(Slushing is when it’s raining and snowing at the same time, but it’s too slow to be sleet. I have no idea if it’s actually a real word or not, but it’s one my sister and I use all the time.)

I was thinking about how slippery it is outside when I remembered an incident from high school and had to share it.


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