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Proper Tea – One-Liner Wednesday

Sitting here, listening to my nephews (from my two eldest sisters) discuss the correct way to make tea. Seriously, I’m listening to two teens and an 8-year old discuss all the many ways you can make tea, but which is … Continue reading

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Disappear – Snippet

There were times when Lila just wanted to throw up her hands in defeat, turn and then stomp away, but in the end, she never could bring herself to do it. This was supposed to be more, but I got … Continue reading

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So often I am worn out My mind or body or both Only still going from gravity’s pull Keep forgetting to stop Even as the rubber burns My sister recently reminded me that I have to step back from working … Continue reading

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Poverty is…

Crying in happiness when you first get chickens because now you don’t have to cry inside everytime you throw away any food that’s gone bad.

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Quality Time – Thankful Thursday

I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with my sister’s youngest boy this week and I’m really glad. We’ve had a lot of fun and gotten quite a bit of work done as well. His siblings have spent the … Continue reading

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Shy Moon in the Sunset – Wordless Wednesday

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Break Time! – One-Liner Wednesday

You are going to be killed by hunger or by bad things and lose all our meat and wool. What I just said to my nephew while we play Minecraft together while on break from constructing our new rabbit run. … Continue reading

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