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Point of View

“Heroes are unaware of the privilege inherent in their worldview and villains lack the luxury of ignorance.” –dls She had to argue against what she had read. Lila had known plenty of villains who had remained ignorant of how the … Continue reading

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Reactions – One-Liner Wednesday

(falls over hilariously) Gah! (is caught by lanky nephew who smirks) So, I have this cold, but my body responds to illnesses weirdly. Instead of running any fevers, I go hypothermic and drop to dangerous levels for my body temp. … Continue reading

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Kids, This isn’t a Joke, Get Off the Couch – Wordless Wednesday


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Broken Hallelujah

Lost in the moment I forgot about the past My body remembered just fine Perhaps the future should’ve been important too There’s only so much the human body can take.

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Pain is a Teacher

Take each moment as it comes Reaching once more Yearning to find more Insight given and yet lost Not going to back down Going to stand once more

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Blink of an Eye

So many things never make sense Allowing thoughts to wander Finding moments of insight Even as the details blur away Taking with them much Yet leaving clarity behind  

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