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Posts that include some rambling about my life in some way. Probably won’t include writing prompts, but it might. It won’t have any of the story universes that I write in or any short stories unless they are actually about something that happened in real life.

Block of Granite

What I wish to do And what I wish to be Are not so far apart Flung out upon the sea For I can take a chisel And hack and saw and chip Away at the base around my feet … Continue reading

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Savages, Savages, Barely Even Human!

I wish that I could think of just one thing, one moment, that stands apart from the rest when it comes to being ‘wild’ as a child. Such is not the fate for one such as I. Dubbed by one … Continue reading

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Harsh Reality

There is no growth in your comfort zone, and no comfort in your growth zone. Perhaps I did not speak clearly And lost my meaning in the words Isn’t it strange how we face life dearly Not knowing just how … Continue reading

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Big Brother – Thankful Thursday

So, I mentioned that we got a new kitten (Locutis) and that he weighed less than our, at the time, 3-week old kittens. (He weighs more now, which is good and can eat more.) What I haven’t mentioned is that … Continue reading

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For Everything There is a Season – Thankful Thursday

There are too many things to list about what I am grateful for from this past summer. We’ve done a lot of work on the farm and had a lot of fun hanging out as well. We’ve had new arrivals … Continue reading

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Ferocious or Fearful? – One-Liner Wednesday

Got a new kitten, met him when I found him trying to sneak into the rabbit pen, bit through my fingernail when I picked him up. Seriously, though, Locutis bit right through my pointer fingernail and it’s still healing. He’s … Continue reading

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Break Time – One-liner Wednesday

Have you ever been so tired that your nephew threatened to take away your laptop if you kept trying to do family history while that tired? This actually happens to me a lot. Check out the original One-liner Wednesday.

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