Just A Little Something

Sometimes it’s hard to see
That everyone sees me
And yet I find I’m blind
With how I’ve wrapped myself in this bind

But what am I to do?
Just give in and say boo
Or maybe it’s time to stand
And see where I will land

This is in part based off of trying to keep my own cool when I just want to scream and also from two different songs that I have decided I adore. The songs are as follows:


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Poetry In Motion – Belated Thankful Thursday

Recently I had another blogger visit my site and comment on some of my poetry while inviting me to check his out. I did so and I have not regretted it. I haven’t read all of his work, not by a long shot, but each time I read one they are always a message that I needed (even if I didn’t know it until the poem was finished.)

So today, I’m grateful for sweetdevil69 dropping by and inviting me over. Y’all should check out his blog and read up on his poetry. You wont regret it!

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No One Can See Me Now! – Wordless Wednesday

image: Mr BunBun (the big guy) and Mario (the tiny guy); from martha0stout’s phone

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Guessing Game

So here
I am again…
Can’t seem to
Kick this thing.

Guess how my week has been.

Every time I think I’m not sick anymore, I am proven wrong…

Ah well, at least I’m starting to have days with energy even while I’m sick. This is still good news for me!

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The Grand Finale – Thankful Thursday

I’m grateful for the Cassini Spacecraft and all of the awesomeness it has discovered about Saturn since it’s mission not only began, but was also extended to this year. It has begun its final descent into the atmosphere of Saturn where it will be crushed.

I salute you, Cassini and I appreciate all of your hard work.

(And yes, I geeked out on everything I could find about Cassini before I had to give up the laptop to my niece for homework.)

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Memories of Math – One-Liner Wednesday

I’m going over my eldest nephew’s math homework with him and remembering just how much I disliked graphing…

Yeah, neither of us are fabulous at graphing even though all other math is usually just fine for us.

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It Still Exists

Don’t you dare give up
Remember where you’re from
Even the children of maids and janitors
All can achieve their goals
My life now is vastly different

I’ve read and heard that it is impossible in our day and age to climb out of poverty and up into first the lower class and then the middle class, but we are proof that it isn’t impossible.

It takes more than just luck, but more than just hard work. It takes faith and belief that it is possible in the first place and then work and, yes, some luck. It takes help and not being afraid to ask for help and it takes scary moments where you have to step off of assistance and faith that you won’t immediately collapse.

Just don’t give up. Don’t you dare.

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