A Friend Should Be…

Losing their pride
Owning up to mistakes
Yet standing again
And brushing off the dust
Leaning out a hand, to pull you up as well

Keeping you from getting too swelled a head
Including the times when you do so for them
Not forgetting to handle with care when
Defeat seems to be ruling you then

Helping you when sometimes you need
Only a moment to decide on the deed
Now they will work it through with you
Ernest in everything they do
Soft with their words when needed
Telling you what is hard to hear

Reasons for why they stay
Even when you want them to go away
Lists that make no sense
Inside of them that you can’t read
And though you may never know
Beside you is the place they’ll go
Loving you even when you they don’t like
Especially when you need a shoulder during your plight

This is partially inspired by a line about what a friend was in a book that I read last year and also by a re-do of the Dungeon Prompt: Friendship.