Not Born Alone – Random Ramblings

We must all be alone right by each other. –from Spamalot


I’ve heard that people are alone no matter what they do. That they were born alone and that they will die alone.


But that can’t be right…

When someone is born they have to at least have a mother with them, right?

Where else would they have come from in the first place?

Paths of the Dead – One-Liner Wednesday

My older brother told me that the contrails left by planes (that I hadn’t seen fly over the house earlier and so just thought were strange clouds) were the paths that dead spirits used to get to the next stage in life and I believed him for almost ten years before I figured it out.

Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday. (Will update link…eventually…)

Second Chances? – Musings

I like to read a lot of different stories: fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi, fanfiction, poetry, drama. There are subsets in each of them that I like to read as well, but today I was just thinking about one set that I’ve been reading a lot in the last few months.

Time travel.

The chance to go back and do it all over again.

It has its allure, after all, have we not all thought at least once about how we would do something different should we have known then what we know now?


How could you know it if it hadn’t happened?

My past, no matter what parts I may dislike (or hate or have forgotten…) is what has made me who I am. Without the experiences of messing up and getting hurt, I lose what I have become.

Time travel sounds like a promise to have a new day, but what if it comes at the cost have having no day at all because you can’t even remember what was there before.

Incoherent – Life Snippet

Spent the day going through some family history now that we have the internet back.

(Oh yeah, we have the internet back, by the way…)

Got a lot of work done.

Y’know, in between screaming and tearing my hair out.

And I hear it used to be more difficult when my grandfather did this? I suddenly have more appreciation for his patience levels than I ever have before.

Also, spent thirty minutes trying to figure out how to fix a mistake I made when I finally realized that the person that I thought was one person was actually two people: an uncle and a nephew.

Long story short, I was able to fix the problem, but only after I calmed down and scanned all over in order to fix the problem that I had created.

Why you do this?! – Random Ramblings

Was all ready for bed.

Mom was getting ready and glanced out her window.

That faces the back.

Where the goats live…

“Martha, I can’t tell if the goats are in our yard or on the other side of the back fence.”

“(sighs) I’ll go check it out, Mom.”

(*Puts on robe and slippers, the goats are probably just at the very back of the lot and the kids aren’t home from youth activities yet.)

(Gets to the back gate and realizes that only three of our goats are still in the yard (excluding the three that are in the buck pen and therefore unable to get out) and immediately breaks out into a run.)

“Why you do this, goats?!”

Thankfully most of them came back in quite easily.

Most of them.

Two of the goatlings ran up and down the fence freaking out while their mothers just stood next to me trying to get them to come in under the hole they’d all dug in the fence. It still worked out because my neighbors who live behind and slightly to the side of us helped me get those last two back in.

The Last – Random Ramblings

Was watching “Star Wars: Episode VII” for the first time (it’s April at the moment for me) with my nephews. Every time they mentioned the ‘last Jedi’ I had to stop myself from singing about “The Last Jedi Knight.” (Using the song “The Last Unicorn” as the music for it.)

Class of Evil – Random Reminiscence

Today is the day ten years ago that my class graduated from high school. There were so many that graduated on this day that the commencement for my school was started about eight-ish in the evening.

We were disappointed that someone else had already snagged the 6 o’clock evening time…

Family Time – Random Ramblings

I sit here in the living room, listening to my sister teach her youngest how to make biscuits from scratch, just like our mother did with us. I listen to her teach him how to cook sausage with water first and then browning it after its cooked all the way through. Then I hear him inform his mother quite seriously that he already knows how to make scrambled eggs.

Breakfast is going to be all the most delicious when it’s done just listening to them work together in the kitchen.