Artist’s Birthday – Thankful Thursday

Today is my sister’s (the one just older than me) thirtieth birthday. She’s very talented with her hands and can make just about anything. She makes delicious eclairs and her drawings are beautiful. She painted Mom a picture with blue bonnets once because Mom was missing the flowers that bloomed at her childhood home in Texas. She can also embroider very finely. She’s like Mom in that regard. They both can make beautiful things with their hands.

My eldest niece wants to be able to draw as well as my sister does and whenever anyone compliments her drawings, her response is always, “Oh, I’m no good at this; you should see what my aunt draws.”

They both are very good at art and crafts and things like that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m grateful for my sister and for the years that she’s been here. I’m not an artist. I write and I can plan things and I can clean, but I’m not an artist. My niece’s mom (my other sister) also isn’t an artist, so I’m glad that Catie has someone she can look up to and ask questions about drawing and such.

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