Born With Hope

Written for FreeWritingFriday prompt:

Baby’s are more than just little fighters and little children that we can hold in our arms and pretend that we can protect them from all the evil in the world. They¬†are our world and it is possible for them to grow up and even start a world of their own.

My baby sister was born in distress. The umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck when she was born and the placenta had ruptured before that. If she had been born only a few years earlier, both she and my mother would have died. They would have left one child still unborn (my youngest sibling, my brother) and six other children with only one parent who didn’t really know what to do with five daughters and one son right smack dab in the middle. All were under the age of 10.

They lived and because they lived others have been able to enter into this world as well. My baby sister is getting married in one month to a young man who is perfect for her and she for him. This could have not happened if only she had been born several years earlier when medical science wouldn’t have been able to save her and my mother. She survived because she was born when and where the Lord wanted her born. not all children are thus blessed in this life, but I pray that your nephew may be as blessed as my sister and live a long life, maybe even create another world all together when he has children someday,

There is always hope. Medical science would not have come as far as it had if the people who are brave enough to try something knew did not have hope and faith. A little prayer never hurts either. Best of love to Baby Khole and his family.