Running From Fear

Keep running, keep running, keep running.

“They’re catching up!”

Heart racing, pulse pounding, sweat trickling in my eye.

“We have to go faster!”

“I’m going as fast as I can!” I try to yell back, but there isn’t enough air in my lungs to do more than gasp. My lungs are burning and my legs are slowly but surely turning into rubber. I don’t know how much longer I can keep going.

My companion must know it, because he reaches back and grabs one of my hands and pulls me along.

I have no idea how he’s still moving and talking and dragging me along as I stumble.

“Keep going, keep going, keep going!”

I don’t have enough breath to say anything in response. I can only cling to his sweaty hand with one of my own and stumble after him. I know that the only reason I’m still moving is because he’s dragging me along in the wind.

It’s not until we’ve reached some kind of stone building that I realize there is no one behind us anymore.