Tee – SoC

There is more to life than many people realize.

Take in hand one moment and you will see a lifetime.

Tell a story and captivate an audience, in person or through written word.

The written word, that is something that is both marvelous and dangerous at the same time.

That is what brought us here after all

The usage of a single letter within the wide world of written language.

The letter ‘t’.

The most used consonant.

The second most used letter in the English letter.

This little bout of randomness was brought to you by the Stream of Consciousness prompt for this weekend and exhaustion.


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What is it to you?

Come closer, you’re not alone.
Offering companionship for the price of the same.
Many have come and gone, but those who really care, stay.
My name may be forgotten, but who I am never is.
United in one cause, to stya together, no matter how losely.
Not lost, or if you were, not for long.
I find that the longer I live, the more I have to give
To this group of people that are family, because we have chosen to be so.
You can give what you feel is right, because that is your right, the same as me.


A community means different things to different people, but to me, it’s a group that has decided, based on blood or bond or both, that they are stronger together rather than apart.

Written for this week’s Dungeon Prompt: http://theseekersdungeon.com/2014/01/30/dungeon-prompts-season-2-week-5-community/