Clean – Thankful Thursday

Bleach. I am grateful for bleach. I won’t go into why, just know that I am extremely grateful for bleach.

Please check out the original Thankful Thursday. (I will update this link at some point, though I’m sure everyone knows that it will be quite a long while until that actually happens, because life likes to happen, okay?)


But now my brain has gone to mush

Leaking out all full of slush

Even as fingers peck out these words

All higher functioning gone to the birds

Can’t think much longer as things start to blur

Have lost now my day cleaning molding with whorls

Cleaning Madness

Bleach, vacuum, bleach and then Windex.

Don’t forget the mountains of laundry,

Trying to figure out how much of the homemade laundry soap for thick blankets and quilts.

Sweep and mop,

Wipe that mirror down,

And take out the trash.

More bleach for lots of walls and don’t forget some spots on the ceiling.

(How did ketchup get up there? This is the bathroom!)

Fold the laundry,

Sort the laundry,

And for goodness sake, don’t forget to iron!

Grocery store and shop, shop, shop!

Put the food away,

Try not the smash the eggs in exhaustion.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and you’re hosting last minute.

The house is clean and the children falling asleep.

Have yet to cook or bake or even dice.

Sit back and rest.

The madness continues in the morning.