Bookish Reminiscence – SoC

When I was in elementary school a friend of mine started a book. It was one of those ‘bunch of kids meet in a small town, something magical happens and they end up in another world where they have to band together to survive and defeat the bad guy.’ She had several different characters and let a few of her friends design them. I was one of those friends and my character’s name was Crystal Star and her color palate was very icy.

I was in an icy mood when my friend asked me to make that character, so sue me.

Anyway, after a while she lost interest in it, but I hadn’t lost interest and asked if I could finish the story for her. She agreed and let me have all of what she’d written thus far.

I am still working on that story. Don’t go back and try and edit any of your work until you’ve actually finished it.

Someday I will finish it. Someday.

The title that she first gave it was “Elements” which is why I was reminded of it when I read about the prompt for Stream of Consciousness this weekend.