Grimoire Valentine 2016-2017

Ready for you to leave, we were not
In fact, you will be missed most dearly
Perhaps you will finally get some sleep

One of my eldest nephew’s pet bunnies passed away last night. Grimoire Valentine, we will miss you dearly. Especially your pal, Vincent, who loved to play tag with you. (Grim always won even though he was ten times smaller than Vincent.) Grim was a calm and always tired bunny.

Dust Bunny, Hop Hop – Poetry Prompt 14

Dirt will puff with the lightest of touch
Unless of course the scent comes out
So don’t complain when by she will slouch
There really is no need to shout.
Because she will rub up against you
Until you smell as dusty and she does.
Next her mother will come on around,
Necessary it will be, for she will tongue bath you.
Yes she will try to reach all around, but still you’ll smell dusty.

Written for another of Pooky’s poetry prompts:

My cat’s name is Usako, which means baby bunny, as she had rather large ears as a kitten would spend most of her time jumping around. As an adult, she likes to roll around in the dry dirt out back and then come in. It’s not always easy to tell when she’s done this as she’s a grey and orange and white cat. (She’s mostly grey.) So, she’s my little ‘dust bunny.’