Sour Cherries – Random Ramblings

I love cherries so very much, have since I was old enough to beg my elder siblings to climb our cherry trees and pick me some because I was too little to climb. (Though I learned soon enough how to get up and down without using a chair. Using a chair just left you to be stuck up in the tree and caught by Dad when one of your seven siblings were angry at you and removed the chair before you could get back down. I usually deserved getting caught because I was a little brat that liked to push buttons.)

However, I have now come to look upon the small fruit with an unkind eye.

Finally finished freezing just under 35 pounds of cherries and it only took me four days! I have overstressed my wrists and am typing this very slowly. One of them is in a brace and I can’t dig out the other brace for the left one. I did have some help with the cherries and I am ever grateful for the help. I am also grateful to not have to wash the cherry juice off of my arms anymore when I have to move the laundry. (We don’t have a pitter and I will rectify that when I am able. That thing is, as I have been told by a friend, ‘worth its weight in gold.’

(My nephews and I have also been working on creating a pond for our ducks and geese to swim in during the mornings, which didn’t help my wrists at all.)