Ran Out of Stockings – Silent Sunday

image: from martha0stout's phone, Christmas 2011

image: from martha0stout’s phone, Christmas 2011


Like Christmas – Ramble-y Reminiscence 1

After we first moved into the duplex, my sister was able to buy a brand new washing machine and dryer. We have never had a new one in the entirety of our lives, child and adult, until this moment. When she first showed them to me, they were white and shiny and new.

“It’s like Christmas!” I exclaimed and hugged the machines.

(Don’t judge me, they were beautiful.)

(Or judge me, I don’t really care all that much.)

This was something that I often forgot, however, so my sister would take me to look at them every time I had a memory blank.

“It’s like Christmas!” I would exclaim all over again and hug the machines as if I had never seen them before.

She enjoyed this display so much, my sister would take every opportunity to show them to me whenever I forgot that we had moved to the duplex.

I wonder if any who read this have had some kind of similar event in their lives. Not the memory blank, but the same feeling of surprised joy every time they saw something or someone.

Second Verse – Thankful Thursday

Since last Thursday I have decided that I like this prompt. No, I don’t like it, I love it and I need it. It really turned my day around and I was better for having found it. So I decided to do it again!

I am thankful for:

Accepting the extra party guests
(only supposed to have 2 friends plus 5 cousins…ended up with over 20 kids in a duplex)


Christmas morning cuddles


Peace between mother and daughter


Peace between siblings
(they both belong to my sister)


Time with Grandma
images from: martha0stout’s phone

Again I post only a small collection of things I’m grateful for and I look forward to this next week. It really gives me a better view on my life!

Be sure to check out the original Thankful Thursday for this week’s edition: http://mithriluna.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/thankful-thursday-mothers-day-gratitude/comment-page-1/#comment-1985

Don’t Sleep In

It happened at sunrise on Christmas morn,

The children were sleeping

At first, quite soundly.

Then there came the sound of feet

Running down stairs,

Or was it up?

I was sleeping soundly,

And so only heard it distantly.

Not soundly enough, though,

As I heard a shout.

“I told you kids not to open ALL the presents!

Just the ones with your names on them!”


Dear Santa,

I have been good half of the year and these presents I would desire getting for me. You don’t have to get them but could you please try to? Any way I will write them down right now.

  • $1000 for a new house
  • cat coats for the cats so they don’t freese to death
  • could you get me a 3DS?
  • could you get me Mario Bros 2 for thee 3DS?

You Friend,


Read my sister’s youngest son’s letter to Santa this morning. It struck me that the only things that he doesn’t ask about are for others. He only had the question marks about the things for himself.

has to stop for a moment

I think my sister’s doing a good job with her kids.

(Any misspellings were part of the letter.)

This kid also convinced his older sister who ‘doesn’t believe in Santa Claus anymore’ to write to him as well. Her letter began by asking Santa how he was and hoping that he was well. She does believe, but doesn’t want to seem too immature to admit it. smiles

Holiday Cookies For All

Cookies are something that I have always loved making and one of the first things I learned how to make successfully before I hit the double digits. Made cookies with my parents and every sibling I have along with my grandfather. Making cookies from scratch is easier than figuring out how to make cheese sauce from those little packets in Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

My eldest niece convinced me to make some sugar cookies so she and her brothers could frost them with the leftover frosting from another project they did with their mom and another aunt.

My mom comes into the kitchen.

“Why are you making Valentine’s Day and Halloween themed cookies?”


Silent Night, Halo Night

My eldest nephew has decided to add to the nativity set that I put out this year. He loves to add to things and make them a little bit more than they were before without actually overdoing it too much. (Most of the time, he can get pretty carried away.)

This year he worked for a week making sure that everything was just so for his contribution. It certainly livened up the piano where everything is set up.

Here’s the makeup of our nativity this year:

1 plastic baby in a manger

1 porcelain wise man

2 plaster wise men

1 plaster Mary and Joseph

4 plaster animals

1 plaster shepherd

4-5 Lego Halo guys placed strategically to protect the group from the soldiers of Herod out looking for the newborn Savior

Ginger Snap

Mary spent the morning working in the house for once. Both of her boys were out and about, but would return home for dinner. (Well, she hoped that her eldest would return home for dinner, but at least he always called.) She was usually at work during the day, but had taken a rare day off in order to sort through the household laundry.

She had been putting it off and while it was running through the wash and then the dryer she decided to take a moment and do something she hadn’t really done since she and her husband had split. She made ginger snap cookies, from scratch. She’d never been very good at cooking from a box and the freezer food always made her eldest sigh.

He remembered what life had been like before Warren and she had split. She had made something homemade at least once a week and always enough for more than one meal. Some weeks she’d even taken the time to bake some bread or cookies instead of buying them at the store. This had started happening less and less near the end of their marriage and had disappeared after she’d been forced to go out and land a nine to five job that often led her to be too tired at the end of the day to do more than shove something from the freezer into the oven or microwave.

She missed Warren, now more than ever that another Christmas was coming without him. This would be the first Christmas since he had died, though and that made it all the harder. She may not have been with him or seen him more than every few weeks for their sons in the last year of his life, but he had still been there, a call away if necessary. They had remained somewhat friends after the papers had gone through and she knew that it was out of fear for their children that nothing more had happened.

Warren had found something at work, something that suggested criminal behavior. He didn’t have enough to go to the police or anyone really and had been too worried about the potential backlash against his family. This had led to many fights as he couldn’t bring himself to ignore the slim evidence he had found, but he didn’t want to endanger them by keeping them close. If you want to shut a man up what do you do? you go for what he cares about the most.

He had at least had the sense of mind to talk (or fight) this over with her due to her particular situation with her own family. She had no one but him and she relied upon him and their children and the links that she had with them in order to keep her sanity.

(Her family had always been different and they required a lot more than just the energy feeding that others like them usually needed. Mary and her sister had required a mental presence or link in order to keep them grounded and safe.)

She breathed in the scent of the ginger snaps as she pulled them out of the oven and one of her hands reached out to fiddle with the ring that she still wore.

Warren and she had planned everything out, their fights and their faked anger. (Well, alright, some of the anger hadn’t been faked, but what person likes their marriage to end for any reason, even one that they understood.) Their sons hadn’t been brought in on it, because it wasn’t supposed to last this long. He would have been able to gather the rest of the evidence he needed now that he had an excuse for staying later and later at work. He was supposed to take the evidence to the police the weekend that he had died.

She knew that it hadn’t been an accident or because of the gangs of teens that the police had said had attacked his house, but she had no evidence in order to back any other claims.

Mary set the cookies down on the table once she was done and sat in front of them, just staring.

If not for her sons, then it was very likely that the sacrifices her sister had made for her to have any kind of life outside of their duties would have been for nothing and she would have gone completely mad and taken as many with her into her destruction as possible.

Guardians that had lost their anchor could be as destructive as an atomic bomb.